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The real reason You Can’t lose weight 3: You think all fat is bad?

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Fat is usually the first scape goat when we are trying to lose weight. The media has given fat much a bad reputation and

many times we are confused as to whether this food category is necessary or not.


  • Isn’t it an important part of the human body?


  • Doesn’t it help to keep our organs intact?


  • If it isn’t bad, how much is necessary?


With so much  negative media around fat, managing  weight issues and chronic diseases where fat is concerned can be a challenge.

So let’s tackle the elephant in the room; Are all fats bad?

From time immemorial we have always been told to cut the fat out so you don’t get fat. We’ve been told fat is not good for you. And you’ve heard things like… Don’t fry with so much oil and don’t put so much oil in your stews.

The truth is, they told you part of the truth. There are two types of fat ( Sorry for the medical jargon here) saturated fats and unsaturated fats.

The good fats are the unsaturated fats and this iswhere things like coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, almond oil and our ever faithful palm oil fall in.

We also have our fish oils and oils from nuts here. Now like you’ve heard fat makes you fat, but did you know?

The good fats we’ve listed above can help you slim down and keep you healthy and in some cases manage even heart disease?
According to the  Tufts University researcher Alice Lichtenstein. DSc. “Choosing the right type of fat to consume is one of the most important factors in reducing heart disease.

So where is this fat that makes one fat from?

The first culprit is good old delicious tasting meat, this contains saturated fats. Also meat products such as dairy and eggs, but usually if you have the lean meats and you don’t take egg regularly, you are ok.

The real danger is the processed vegetable oils. These oils contain trans fats which are actually the worst types of fats to put in your mouth. They are used to bake, fry and preserve a lot of our meals.

They are also used to make snacks and many other packaged foods.
These vegetable oils are hardened by a process called hydrogenation. They are really bad because they are one of the many pieces in the cancer puzzle due to the  altered arrangements of the fatty chains after various forms of processing has been done.

So now you know the truth, there are actually good fats but you have to take time to read labels and make sure what you’re consuming is not overly processed and dangerous to your health.
The truth is, weight gain is a combination of things, not only fat, and those things have to do with your diet, lifestyle, mobility and mindset.


– Dr Rebekah Olofin

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