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The Real Reason You Can’t loose weight 4: You lack consistency

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The Real Reason You Can’t loose weight 4: You lack consistency


The reason above looks like i’m accusing you but i’m not. Truly it’s

not your fault and you will learn why and how it can be managed from this story.
So with the permission of Mrs A, I’m going to share a story with you.

Mrs AA had had two children and was told she was okay
in terms of weight but she has been someone who loved to
look smart especially as she was the first point of interaction
between customers and herself.

She did what she always had done when she wants to loose
weight, which is starve herself for a week, just take water on
a regular basis, avoid all the meals.

She tried it the first day, then the second day, by the third day,
someone was celebrating their 40th birthday and she just could
not resist and so, she had some cake and a coke.

“That’s all I’m eating she said to herself, after all I’ve tried for two days”.

When she got home that night some of the children had left food
in the fridge and she hated leaving left over food.
I’ll just warm it she said and eat. I don’t want my fridge looking
untidy with left overs, and so she did.

She had definitely stopped the water fast. Don’t worry I’ll just
go on fruits and eat little food I’m sure it will go down. I’ll just
watch my portions. But at lunch the next day, she had two portions
of amala and egusi soup( it’s plantain flour after all, I won’t add
much she said”.

At the end of the week, she stepped on the scale, oh my goodness
I’m now 87! but I was 84.

But I’m reducing my food. Maybe I’ll buy the weight loss programme
at least I can use that and still eat, it may work for me.

Fast forward to 2 years later and she is complaining to her friends
how she has added 10 kg over the last three years and she has
gone from one programme to another.

I really want to loose weight, do you know anyone that can help me?
Her friend laughed and said, sorry but you look good this way and,
by the way I don’t think you can loose this weight.

She wasn’t too happy over the weekend, she kept thinking about it
mainly because, she had a history of diabetes in the family and she
remembered quite well that her mum was almost as big as she was
when she was diagnosed with Diabetes.

Finally she decided she was going to hold herself accountable.
Her cousin had just come from Ibadan and was staying with her.

Her cousin was a health enthusiast and she made smoothies every
morning and also made vegetable dishes daily.

Maybe my cousin can be my accountability partner and help me. I’ll ask her.
And so she did, her cousin agreed to help her make smoothies every
day and steamed veggies at night.

So the next day she announced to her friends at work that she was
going to loose weight in 4 weeks. They all laughed. One said that’s what
you’ve been saying for the last 4 years and we’ve not seen any changes”.

She felt bad, she has to prove them wrong and so, the next day with
the help of her cousin, she got up early took a bottle of water and a
smoothie to work. She missed exercise but she said she will try
another day.

And 2,3, 9 days 2 weeks went by. She continued and thanks to her
cousin she was not allowed near any drinks, cake and even chicken
(oh yes she had to stop chicken too).

Then on week 3 at work she noticed her boss staring at her.
Hmmm she thought, I hope that disgruntled customer did not
take it up to her. I thought I was able to manage her well,
any way, you can’t please everyone, I’m sure I’ll soon find out
what happened.

Her boss burst into smiles and said Mrs AA. You look so good
please tell me what you’re doing so I can do it too.

Mrs AA said oh I’m just taking smoothies and salad daily with
whatever I eat. Wow her boss said I’d like to do this too.

Please share the recipes. And then it hit her, it was not the recipes
or the salad or the smoothie that helped her loose weight it was
having someone support her and help her keep to doing it.
That’s how she lost weight.

The big secret is her boss and you can loose weight too. Get an
accountability partner today.


You see we all need support to achieve various goals in life. You can be self motivated but there is nothing like having what i call positive peer pressure(This is pressure from individuals that have the same goals that you have in mind).

It’s how you learnt a lot of good habits and not so good habits growing up. It’s the reason you want to excel at work and you unconsciously compare yourself to your siblings.


You can use it to work wonders when trying to achieve goals especially health goals.


So would you like some positive peer pressure to reach your weight loss/ health goals today?

Send help to Drbecky@legalpedia.com


– It’s the legal doc

– Dr Rebekah Olofin

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