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The Real Reason You can’t loose weight 1: You don’t understand your body

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One interesting thing about fat in general is the fact that 
sometimes it’s really easy to loose it and sometimes it is 
really tough. Especially for women.
Has anyone experienced this?

I have! I’ve met ladies that said, oh a few years ago I could
loose weight easily. Now it’s so tough and I’m watching what
I eat, I’m exercising. What more can I do? Why is my body
just not complying?

Well especially for the ladies, your body is not complying
because weight loss or gain is not dependent on just what
you eat, it’s also dependent on a number of things.

Some of these things include
1.      Muscle mass
2.      Hormonal function.
3.      Emotional eating.
4.      Body fat composition

These 4 things are points that men clearly have the upper hand on.
Men have more muscle mass than women, increased muscle mass
helps with weight loss

Men produce testosterone which encourages the burning of fat
and do not have frequent cyclical changes.

Men’s fat are usually deposited around the organs while women’s
fat is deposited below the skin. It’s been discovered that
burning fat on the organs is much easier than burning fat below
the skin.

Women also have an association with emotional eating which can
occur when one is stressed,has food cravings,sad,lonely and
when we miss our diet regimes.

So how do all these play out for women and what can they do
to achieve the weight loss they  so desperately want?

Women experience hormonal changes frequently and these
changes in turn determine where fat is deposited. Hormones
act  like switches. When it’s on, your body works fine, when
it’s off your body slows down.

Two hormones vital to weight loss are leptin and gherlin.
Leptin tells your body when you are full and gherlin stimulates
hunger and slows down metabolism.

10% of a woman’s weight is body fat, if she looses body fat
and it’s not replaced by increased muscles the leptin hormone
takes it as a signal that the brain is full and reduces its
availability of the hormone.

The second hormone gherlin increases its quantity. More gherlin
causes metabolism to slow down and hunger to set in.

So a lady that noticed, she lost 2 kg last week ,suddenly notices
that she is not loosing weight. She is hungry and refuses to eat,
starves herself but the weight just does not go.

Now I’ve started with my medical jargon so I’ll stop here.

Let’s break down all we’ve talked about so far. A lady’s make
up actually encourages her body to work against her when she
is trying to loose weight.

So what’s missing?

Muscle mass and one way to get muscle mass is doing strength
exercises like lifting weights and press ups.

Yes I can hear you, I don’t have weights what do I do? You can
do planks. When you lift up yourself to do a press up, you hold
yourself in that position for as long as you can. Another is filling
plastic bottles with sand and lifting it.

Strength exercises twice weekly is good for a start.

Other simple things you can add are more greens into your
diet.(if you can make it at least 1/3rd of your meal)

Greens- Vegetables, in their raw form contain hormones also
which helps to improve and maintain the function of the body.

These hormones are messengers when they get into the body
they look for where things  are not moving smoothly and help
to correct them.

Greens also contain a lot of fiber. Fiber helps us to digest food
faster and burns fat.

Hence more greens, means more bowel movement, more bowel
movement means more waste and toxins( of which fat is included)
leaves the body.

One great way to take greens is by juicing them. Try it, juice some
apple and cucumber and let me know how you feel when you take it.

We have to stop here for now, we’ll continue next week.

Try it this week.Take 2 days out of your regular exercise routine
and do some strength training for just 15 mins, make salad bowls
part of your lunch and have a green juice every day.

Don’t change anything else you are doing and let’s see how it works for you.

Watch out next week for the next mail in the series the real reason

why you can’t loose weight and what you can do about it today.

–   Dr Rebekah Olofin

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