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Hair Tools that Every Naturalist Should Possess

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Hair Tools that Every Naturalist Should Possess

Hair Tools that Every Naturalist Should Possess
Hair Tools that Every Naturalist Should Possess :   Photo Credits: YouTube


Having natural hair requires you to care for it as well as to style it as frequently as possible. Although the hair can be cared for and styled in different ways, some hair “tools” and accessories always seem to find their way into every woman’s possession. These hair tools are normally used during styling/hair care and make these methods easier for the owner.

They are:

  • Spray Bottle:

Photo Credits: Wilko


A spray bottle is an absolute must for natural hair. It is effective because you don’t have to put your whole head in the sink. Despite what you may have heard, getting water on your hair is not the worst thing in the world. Natural hair thrives in a moisture-intense environment therefore it is necessary for your hair.  A spray bottle can also be used to dilute a product that you feel is too thick. These products can be in form of several oils such as castor oil and other essential oils, as well as various conditioners of your choice. When using a spray bottle, make sure you pay extra attention to the ends of your hair as they are the oldest parts of our hair.

  • Hair Clips:

Photo Credits: Ebay

Hair clips are super important when it comes to sectioning off your hair. These clips are a lifesaver when it’s time to detangle, separate, or style hair. Attacking your curls head on can be a bit intimidating, so working in sections and using clips to keep those sections separate makes managing your curls a lot easier. They apply just enough pressure to hold your sections without pulling your hair or damaging your curls.

  • Bobby Pins:

Photo Credits: The Marilyn Brush


A bobby pin is the simplest, most efficient accessory. Bobby pins are great for creating a variety of hair styles, and are great for bad hair days or when you simply just don’t have the time to do much to your hair. There’s no such thing as too many bobby pins. Bobby pins add dimension and variety to any style. They can be worn either hidden to hold together the structure of a hairstyle or in plain sight to add dimensions to your style.


  • Combs:


Photo Credits: Sally Beauty and DhGate


Combs are one of the most essential tools for natural hair. The combs in particular here are a wide-tooth comb for detangling and a rat tail comb for parting.  Wide tooth combs can also be used to style your hair. A rat tail comb has thin teeth that are harmful to your natural hair. The rat tail is the important part of the comb, and it can be used to gently lift, separate and arrange your hair. You can also use it to part your hair for more complicated styles, or to gently scratch your scalp.

  • Brushes:


Photo Credits: Amazon and Look Fantastic

A Hair Brush allows for smoother detangling and aids in distributing products evenly throughout the hair. The top two brushes for this are The Denman Brush and The Paddle Brush (photos above).


  • Hair Pick:


Photo Credits: Coily Queen


A hair pick is used in achieving a bigger hair look (afro). For those naturals who love big hair, this one’s for you! It also makes combing the hair much easier.

  • Satin Scarf or Bonnet:


It is very important to cover your hair at night before bed. Sleeping without protecting hair can cause breakage due to the hair’s contact with the fibers. Satin and silk are less abrasive to your hair and are highly recommended materials for your nighttime head scarf. Scarves tend to slip off hair at night, so a silk pillow case can be used instead.

  • Hair bands/ Scrunchies:

Photo Credits: Hairutopia

Hair bands can be used in styling hair without causing damage. Whether it’s to pack the hair in a bun or in the famous hair puffs, hair bands/scrunchies aid in doing that without causing hair damage.


Once you are in possession of these tools listed above, styling and caring for your hair would be a breeze!

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