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Growing Out Your Hair : Get To Know Your Hair, What’s Your Hair Type?

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Step 2: Get To Know Your Hair, What’s Your Hair Type?


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Since no two human beings have the same set of genes, it’s no surprise that there is so much variety when it comes to our hair. From the picture above, we can tell that there are at least 10 different hair types in existence (The word at least is used considering the fact that some of our hairs exist as combos!).This variety in hair types is one of the major reasons (the other being your hair’s porosity) why some products work for your friend but do not work for you! In order for you to grow out your hair, you need to know your hair, its likes and dislikes and of course its curl type.

Here are some steps that would assist you in finding out your curl type:

1. Take A Look At A Representative Chunk Of Your Hair

The best time to do this is when your hair has just been washed and dried. This is because your hair tends to change form due to the influence of products and heat (blow-dryers), and these can affect your results.

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2.Pull Out A Strand Of Your Hair

This strand would be used to compare with the hair strand chart and hence determine your hair type.


3. Compare The Strand Of Your Hair With The Chart

Photo Credits: That Sister

Here are some tips to help you with your comparison. These are based on the Andre Walker system that categorizes hair into four types and three subcategories per type.

1A: Hair is soft and cannot hold a curl.

1B: Hair does not curl but has more volume than 1A.

1C: Hair does not curl and is rather coarse.

2A: Hair is wavy, resembles the letter S, and is coarse.

2B: Hair is often frizzy with a definite wave.

2C: Hair is very frizzy with thick waves, and is the coarsest of this category.

3A: Curls are about the same diameter as sidewalk chalk, or pretty loose curls.

3B: Curls are about the same diameter as a sharpie, or medium-sized curls.

3C: Curls are about the same diameter as a pencil, or corkscrew curls.

4A: Curls are very tight, about the same diameter as a needle.

4B: Curls resemble a zigzag pattern, looking like the letter Z.

4C: There might not be a curl pattern to this hair type.

Source: WikiHow.

4.Identify Your Hair Type

From the chart, you should be able to identify your own hair type, but if you cannot find anything similar, then your hair might be a combination of two or more types.

Combination Hair

Photo Credits: Unconditioned Roots

It’s not rare for you to have more than one type of hair on your head. You may be 3c/4a for example, or 4b/4c. It is not uncommon. Knowing your type of hair is not an absolute standard for caring for your hair, but it can act as a guide.

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