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Growing out your hair: Making Your Decision, Should You Go Natural?

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Step 1: Making Your Decision, Should You Go Natural?

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‘We don’t go ‘’natural”, we return. ‘’Natural’’, is where it began.’

You’ll find that most women have decided to go back to their roots, i.e. ‘go natural’.  Many women including myself have received many benefits from making this change. If you currently have straight or better known as ‘relaxed’ hair and are debating on whether or not you should go natural, here are some few tips to help you in making your decision.


1. Natural hair is versatile; you get something new each day.

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If you are looking for variety and want a change from wearing straight hair every day, well natural hair is for you. With the right care and products, you can rock different styles each day without necessarily having to change your hair.


2. Natural hair is healthier.

Photo Credits: HerGivenHair

Most women have experienced faster and healthier growth rates since going natural. Natural hair is also healthier since we care for our hair without the use of dangerous chemicals


3. Flexibility.

Photo Credits: HerGivenHair

Gone are the days when a rainy day, a swim or a good workout would ruin your hair.  Natural hair is flexible enough for you to be able to wash and style it daily without causing any damage.


4. Beauty.

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And of course I had to save the best for last; Natural hair is extremely beautiful. The bigger the hair, the harder they stare!

You also need to know that caring for natural hair isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work. A lot of time would be spent on caring for your hair and Natural hair products are quite expensive. Also, if you want to wear your hair straight most of the time, natural hair isn’t for you.

But In my own opinion, Natural hair is the way to go! It is definitely worth all the work that comes with it. #Team Natural!!!!

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